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  • Filter included
  • Only pitcher independently tested to NSF standards 42, 53, 401 & 473
  • Targets Fluoride, Lead, BPA, Glyphosate, PFOAs, Hormones & over 365 of the most harmful tap water impurities
  • Retains the natural minerals & nutrients found in the water
  • 100% BPA/BPS-Free medical-grade Tritan materials
  • Average filter life: 100 gallons (replace every 4 months* on average)
  • Capacity: 80oz or 10 cups

Don’t put up with what’s in the tap water!

You instantly save tons of money on Bottled Water costs

Extensively tested, the Clearly Filtered Clean Water Pitcher will give you and your family both great taste and peace of mind.

Clearly Filtered will be moving towards a factory direct model at the end of this September. Once we run out of stock, it will only be possible to buy Clearly Filtered products directly from them.

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Clearly Filtered Fluoride Water Pitcher


Includes (1) Clearly Filtered Fluoride Water Pitcher proudly built in the USA
Reduces up to 99.99% of over 365 tap water contaminants including: Lead, Fluoride, Pesticides, Herbicides, Hormones & Pharmaceuticals while maintaining healthy minerals and nutrients
100% BPA-free medical-grade Tritan
Average filter life: 100 gallons (depending on water quality)
64oz or 1/2 gallon (1.9 liters) Designed to filter up to 99.99% of all contaminants, the Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher is the most advanced tap water filter in the world. All filters are replaceable and tested to the highest industry standards. All of our products have been independently tested and verified by EPA-accredited laboratories at levels exceeding NSF standards. With each filter capable of purifying 100 gallons (380 liters) of water, the Clearly Filtered Pitcher is also a great economical choice at less than $.50 per gallon of filtered water.

Clearly Filtered is the only pitcher filter that is effective against over 365 chemicals and contaminants and it is hands down the best fluoride water filter pitcher on the market!

Your health is invaluable. When you drink fluoride free water filtered by Clearly Filtered, you can drink with peace-of-mind knowing that your filter is reducing the harmful chemicals and contaminants while maintaining the beneficial minerals and nutrients.

The Clearly Filtered Pitcher includes one (1) Clearly Filtered Pitcher Filter that has an average life of around four (4) months. Filter life varies based on your average daily use and the quality of your drinking water. *If your tap water is relatively heavily contaminated, your filter must work harder to keep your water clean, which will decrease the life of the filter but you will still receive the high-quality results during the filter life.

Completely interchangeable with Clearly Filtered Filters.