Clearly Filtered Athlete Edition Bottle Replacement Filter

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Direct Replacement for Clearly Filtered 28oz Athlete Edition filter bottle. Filters up to 100 Gallons of water (or every 6 months).

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Clearly Filtered Athlete Edition Bottle Replacement Filter

Your health should be your #1 priority, and since water makes up almost 75% of our bodies we should be concerned about what’s in our water. A Clearly Filtered Athlete Edition bottle replacement filter every six months or after 100 gallons of use ensures that the water you consume is free of contaminants.



With Clearly Filtered you don’t have to worry, you can trust that it’s safe to drink every time. Start drinking better, healthier and cleaner water today.

QuickTip: *Bottle can be squeezed to help draw water through filter*

Filters typically last the average user 100 gallons (or 6 months use) and are replaceable.

Athlete Bottle holds approx. 28oz of water

28oz Athletic Bottle Performance
28oz Athletic Bottle-Comparison-Chart

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Weight .132 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 8 in