Lead in Toronto Tap Water

While the city has eliminated the use of lead piping, there is still lead in Toronto tap water. In older buildings that dot the city, there is the danger that one will be exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water. In the Toronto Superior Court of Justice building, lead was found in excess of provincial standards. This is just one building out of many throughout the city. Many of the schools that our children go to have an excess of lead in their tap water. More than 640 schools in Ontario have failed lead tests over the past two years. People who live in older homes run the risk of having lead in their water as lead was commonly used for piping before 1955. Homes in certain neighbourhoods throughout the city are more at risk of having unacceptably high levels of lead in their tap water than others. Homes in High Park, the Lawrence Park neighbourhood centred on Lawrence Ave. and Yonge St., the downtown south Annex and sections of East York have a greater chance of having elevated lead in their drinking water.

Prolonged exposure to lead can have devastating consequences on one’s health.  The symptoms of lead poisoning for adults include: high blood pressure, joint and muscle pain, difficulties with memory or concentration, headaches, abdominal pain, mood disorders, reduced sperm count

lead in toronto tap water
Water Filter Stats: Lead

and abnormal sperm, miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth in pregnant women. Children younger than 6 are at much greater risk of lead poisoning which can cause permanent damage.

Protect yourself and your family from lead, and many other contaminants, commonly found in tap water by filtering your water. Our ProOne water filters remove up 99.5% of lead confirmed by independent, 3rd party laboratory testing. Securing good, clean drinking water is not a luxury, it is essential to human life.

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