Can you drink tap water in Montreal

Is Montreal Tap Water Safe to Drink

Can you drink tap water in Montreal? That is a very important question for the health of your and your family. Montreal is a very old city and with that comes a rapidly ageing water pipe system that is desperate need of improvement. This has a serious impact on Montreal tap water quality.

A recent report ranks lead levels in Montreal drinking water as being higher than in Toronto, Ontario and Flint, Michigan. Officials insist that the Montreal city water supply is safe to drink and that they are working on upgrading the pipes to deal with lead contamination. Nonetheless, up to 300 000 people in Montreal are estimated of have lead in their tap water.

Lead poisoning can have many harmful effects. It can severely impact the cognitive development of children which can result in short and long-term learning difficulties. 12 people died in Flint, Michigan and thousands of people got sick before the municipal government called a state of emergency. While the City of Montreal plans on having all piping replaced by 2030, the fact remains that lead content in water remains a problem now.

Pesticides can also be found in Montreal’s drinking water supply. Atrazine, which has been banned in Europe, is still used in Canada. This cancer causing pesticide also causes birth defects in newborns and hormonal imbalances in girls. Despite the negative effects of this pesticide, successive governments have yet to act on this issue.

Individual action on this issue is of utmost importance. Access to clean drinking water is essential for the health of you and your family. As such, it is essential for you to filter your water. All of the water filters we sell have been tested by third party laboratories and are proven to work! Next time you ask “Can you drink tap water in Montreal?” You can answer in the affirmative as a sip a glass of cool, refreshing filtered water.

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